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We are volunteers with a passion to help those in need ADRA Australia  |

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Want to Volunteer? Here’s what to do:

Step One:

Understand how volunteering with VITAL CONNECTION works.

What can volunteers do? Most of our volunteers help out in the serving phase of our operation. This involves being on duty from 6:30pm through to 9:00pm on one of our serving days, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. We operate every weekend of the year. Most volunteers find that one of those days suits their personal schedules better than the others, so they become part of our Saturday, Sunday or Monday team. We have Team leaders for each of those evenings.

New volunteers typically assist with last minute prep, loading the van, setting up tables and gazebos at our serving site (at Emma Miller Place, on the corner of Roma Street and Albert Street, Brisbane City Centre), serving the actual food onto disposable plates, packing gear back into the van and unloading/clean-up back at the prep kitchen base. This covers the 2.5 hrs of a volunteer shift in an evening.

Some volunteers may also: Assist our volunteer cooks with preparation and cooking of meals (this usually happens on the afternoon of each serving day), assist with processing of new volunteers and volunteer records, do fundraising activities, help with maintenance tasks such as caring for the van, scheduled cleaning tasks, assist with restocking the cooking ingredients and other supplies, and promoting the project. If you have particular skills that may assist in any of these areas, make sure you indicate that when applying to volunteer. Generally ALL new volunteers get experience in the serving phase first-up, so that a good understanding is gained of how the service is provided as this provides a good foundation for all the other areas of volunteering. Here is a link to an information sheet that you should download and read thoroughly before proceeding to Step Two.

CAN GROUPS COME AND VOLUNTEER? Yes, but we do have a strict policy that limits groups to a maximum of SIX people on any occasion. Larger groups will need to split into smaller groups and come on different days. Why can’t bigger groups come? Simply because we do not want to overwhelm the often fragile people we are serving on the street. We have a core of regular volunteers who will be there along with the group. Together, that number of volunteers will be enough to serve the level of need. If you have a group who wish to come, please apply by emailing, and request a Group Pack to be emailed to you.

I have volunteered with VITAL CONNECTION before. Can I just turn up and help? On 1 July 2014, we upgraded our Volunteer Application procedures, requiring all volunteers from that date onwards to make a fresh Volunteer Application. If your previous volunteering with VITAL CONNECTION predated 1 July 2014, please reapply before coming to assist again, as you will need to have signed off the documents in Step Two (below) and provided a New Volunteer Application.

Step Two:

Read through and agree to follow our VITAL CONNECTION New Volunteer Orientation and Volunteer Code of Conduct.

You need to download and print out a hard copy of this document. Read it through thoroughly, and then sign and date the document. Keep it in a safe place in case you need to refer to any details.

If you can’t download or print it out, please send an email to with name and your postal address and request a VITAL CONNECTION VOLUNTEER APPLICATION PACK to be posted to you.

Step Three:

Click on this link and fill out the New Volunteer Application.

Note: You must have completed Steps One & Two above BEFORE completing and sending the New Volunteer Application.

Step Four:

Within SEVEN days of having sent your New Volunteer Application (Step Three), you should receive an email of confirmation along with your VIC personal Volunteer Identification Code, plus instructions of where to report for your Orientation and first volunteering shift. You will generally be able to choose which Saturday, Sunday or Monday you come.

If you haven’t received the confirmation email after SEVEN DAYS, please email to check that your application information has been received.

1. Download Information Sheet

2. Download Orientation Form

3. Complete New Vol. Applic.

All complete? Now you can start!

Download MAP to Prep Kitchen and Serving site

or set your GPS to 23 Guilfoyle St, St Lucia