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New Volunteer Application Form

New Volunteer Application Part 1 (complete first)

* Please note that explanatory information regarding the information requested on this form can be downloaded from this webpage (see below).The file is named - "Info re Applic" and explains many items including how we use the information you provide here.

Please Note:

This form should only be completed once you have read and agreed to the VITAL CONNECTION Short-Term VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION Form #SVO-1. At the end of the Application below, you will be asked to verify that you have read and sign-off this Orientation Form, which also includes the VITAL CONNECTION VOLUNTEER CODE OF CONDUCT.

If you have not yet done this, please return to the previous page and download a copy of the Orientation Form so that you can read through it and Sign it Off. (You don’t have to send this form to us, but rather keep your signed copy. You verify your acceptance of it below)

If you are a group leader, bringing an approved group of SIX (or less) volunteers, you will need to contact VITAL CONNECTION by email (email to: ) and request a GROUP REGISTRATION PACK to be sent to you

If you have any difficulties completing and sending the registration form below, please send an email to vitalconnection.adra, and request that a registration pack be emailed to you.

New Volunteer Application (Part Two)

* Please submit Part 1 before starting this form