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Explanatory Notes relating to Volunteer Application Form RETURN TO APPLICATION FORM HOME

Explanatory information relating to the Application Form on this Webpage:

It is important for you as a volunteer to know why we require the information you have provided to us in this form.

Once you have completed this form, and it is emailed back to VITAL CONNECTION, it will be processed by the Regional ADRA Director or their departmental PA where it will be held in a secure database. A hardcopy of certain details is then generated from the Excel file which is available to a limited number of authorised VITAL CONNECTION personnel including Team Leaders so they have limited details necessary for them to operate this project.

The details on this hardcopy generated for the team leaders are:

 your VITAL CONNECTION Volunteer Code Identifier (You will be issued with this to make the sign on and off process more efficient. It will include your two main initials plus a number. For example, Tom Smith’s code could be TS 21)

 the first name that you supplied on the form (this should be the name you are known as at VITAL CONNECTION)

 a code to indicate you are either under 18yrs of age or over 65 years of age (these two age categories require us to provide additional care to you as a volunteer)

 details of any medical condition we should know in an emergency

 the contact details of the person you have designated we should contact in an emergency

Any other details you have provided on the form are held in the pass-worded file accessible only by the Regional ADRA Director (a member of the VITAL CONNECTION Management Team) or their PA (Personal Assistant). The notes below will explain why we have gathered this additional information.

1. Today’s Date: So that we know when you submitted your application form. In the case of new volunteers, this will assist us in knowing approximately when volunteering was commenced. In the case of those who commenced volunteering with VITAL CONNECTION at an earlier time, a subsequent question (#12 in this list) will ask for an indication of when this person first started with VITAL CONNECTION.

2. Your First Name/Surname: This is required in order for us to register you as a volunteer in our database. A Volunteer Identifier Code (see above for explanation) will then be used to “de-identify” you for our sign on/off sheets. Only your first name and Volunteer Identifier Code will be required on that sheet when you sign in.

3. Your age bracket: 1 If you are under 18, and not yet legally an adult, we must know this as it changes the terms of our duty of care in regard to your personal safety. 2 If you are over 65, our insurers have determined that the level of risk changes, so we need to advise you of the variations in the insurance cover, and also to manage that increased level of risk. If you move from one age bracket to another (i.e. you turn 18 years or 66 years) you must advise us so that we can amend the records in our database.

4. Your Gender (3 Optional): This assists us in both our statistical records and may also clarify when we are not able to determine gender by your first name. This can be a challenge with first names from a wide range of cultures.

5. Your Residential Address: Vital if we need to contact you should there be any issue arise such as an incident that occurs involving you while volunteering, or a police investigation, etc. It will be kept confidential in the pass-worded database. You should advise VITAL CONNECTION if address or other details change. The new details will then replace the out-of-date details on the database.

6. Your email address: This is the preferred way to advise you of any changes to how we operate, or if there is any important announcement regarding the project. Your email address will not be provided to third parties. If a group email is sent out to VITAL CONNECTION volunteers, email addresses would be listed in BCC (invisible) to preserve your anonymity.

7. Mobile Phone Number: This would only be used to contact you in an emergency, in which case you may be phoned or sent an SMS. Your number will be kept confidential.

8. Health Condition and Emergency Contact: This should be self-evident. If something happens to you while you are volunteering with VITAL CONNECTION and you are not conscious or otherwise not able to communicate, your Team Leader can access these details and respond as part of our duty of care to you as our volunteer.

9. Positive Notice “Blue Card”. These are required only by certain members of our Management Team, or by the leader of a group that includes volunteers who are under the age of 18. It may be helpful for us to know who holds a blue card should we require someone to assist in an activity or response that involves people under the age of 18. It is optional for you to answer this question.

10. Name of friends volunteering with you: This may assist us in planning the team for a volunteering shift, or in scheduling an orientation session.

11. Have you done similar volunteering? Do you have specific skills? Your response to these questions can help us identify experienced or skilled volunteers when we are looking to fulfil specific responsibilities.

12. Preferred date & time? Which day do you plan to start? When previously? These assist us in scheduling our teams.

13. Why do you want to be a volunteer? This helps us understand the motivation of our volunteers, and the responses encourage us as a Management team.

If you wish to view the information we keep about you on our database please contact the ADRA Director on [07] 3218 7777 during business hours.