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We are volunteers with a passion to help those in need ADRA Australia  |

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How to SUPPORT our project

If you would like to donate funds, and require a Tax Deductible Receipt (TDR) so you can claim your donation on your tax return, then you should make your donation directly through our parent organisation, ADRA Australia. You can do that two ways:

A. Through the ADRA Donation Portal. Click on this link, which will take you to their general donation portal where you can make a secure deposit by Credit Card. On the donation page select OTHER in the “Where would you like your donation to go” drop-down box, and then type in VITAL CONNECTION - Brisbane. A Tax Deductible Receipt (TDR) will be sent to you following processing of your donation.

B. By phoning ADRA Australia direct. The number is 1800 24 ADRA (1800 242 372). You can make a donation over the phone, or arrange other options such as a direct funds transfer or set up a monthly donation by direct debit.

If you do not require a tax-deductible donation, such as a donation from your workplace team, or a fundraising event, or you don’t need a TDR for your tax return, please contact our VITAL CONNECTION Treasurer direct on 0424 034 888. You will receive a regular receipt, plus we can arrange for a VITAL CONNECTION Thank-you Certificate that can be displayed at your workplace or at home.

1. By donating funds 2. By donating things we can use

You may have something that you feel would possibly be useful in our project. This could be fresh produce, food ingredients, items we may use in our meal serving, cooks aprons, kitchenware, etc. It may be you have a service you would like to offer as a gift, such as maintenance of our van or our appliances, cool room etc. Or you may have a team at your Church, association or workplace who would like to do something to help.

In each case, please contact VITAL CONNECTION by email ( or our Operations Officer, Neil, on 0413 101 448, to find out if what you are offering would be suitable and appropriate for us to utilise in our project. In some cases we have to say “No”, such as food items that have been cooked by you at home, as we can only use items either prepared in our VITAL CONNECTION kitchen, or that have commercial packaging or have come from another approved kitchen with appropriate procedures in place. We are also unable to use any non-vegetarian products such as food containing any meat, fish or related ingredients.

3. By conducting a fundraising event

If you would like to fundraise for VITAL CONNECTION through any event or means, before you make any plans, please contact VITAL CONNECTION by email ( or our Regional ADRA Director, Irena, on 0435 553 148, to find out any guidelines or requirements. Thanks!!