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We are volunteers with a passion to help those in need ADRA Australia  |

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…Brian Beadnell, an everyday sort a guy with a kind heart noticed people in a Brisbane inner city park who looked hungry and discouraged.

Being quite a practical person, Brian headed home, cooked up a pot of fresh soup which he then distributed to those same people... and more, as the news spread.

So, VITAL CONNECTION was born. For several years, Brian continued to be a key member of the volunteer team, as the project grew and grew.

As part of the strategy to keep it sustainable and operating on good humanitarian principles, the project was adopted by ADRA Australia, a compassionate agency with a great track record for helping people in a growing - and large -number of countries.

Over 500 volunteers assist in the course of a year, providing around 15,000 full vegetarian meals to disadvantaged people in Brisbane’s CBD. The project is staffed entirely by volunteers, and is funded by donations of various types - cash donations, grants from ADRA, donations of food ingredients & more.

VITAL CONNECTION is a Christian organisation, however, we don’t discriminate either with selection of our volunteers or in regard to who we serve meals to on the street. We acknowledge that the Lord has blessed us in many ways, and those blessings are for passing on to others, and we do this through providing healthy meals in a safe environment to those in need.

VOLUNTEERS:  Our volunteers come from all age-groups and walks of life. Some volunteer regularly for a long term period. Other volunteers can only help once or twice. We appreciate all volunteers who a good “team players”, keen and happy to serve together and make the challenging life of a disadvantaged person a little happier.

DONATIONS: A major assistance to us comes in the form of food ingredients. Organisations such as Foodbank, Second Bite and some local retailers are very generous with the items they donate. This plus the many hours of selfless volunteering make it possible to provide an excellent community service at a reduced cost.


Volunteer hours in a year (2013-14 )   

= 14,900 hours

Average total cost to produce & serve a meal = $1.45

(This doesn’t include “In Kind” gifts or Volunteer hours but does include all expenses paid by donated funds to operate the project)

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Brian Beadnell